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Our members are all LGBTQ-identified volunteers, who are committed to inclusivity, diversity and to being the best allies. If you feel that a member is not being the best ally, please reach out to us at queerbirthproject@gmail.com.

Aricia Irodel 

Student Midwife

Aricia is a student midwife studying at Birthwise Midwifery School. They are new to Minnesota and have been delighting in getting to know the native plant species since arriving in July. Aricia has studied and taught yoga for many years, and specializes in teaching yoga for pregnant people. They worked as a Birth Doula before starting midwifery school, and are a certified lactation counselor (CLC). They are dedicated to this work because they believe in the very simple idea that pregnant people should be treated with dignity, cared for with respect, and provided with ample choices so that their needs are met.

Aricia lives in Minneapolis with their partner and two cats.

Britt Jackson (She/Her)

Traditional Midwife

As a community midwife, I am rooted in, involved in, and a member of the community I serve. I believe in welcoming and celebrating all people and meeting people where they’re at. I believe that cultural differences and lived experiences are assets to one’s identity, existence, and health, and those aspects of your life should be understood and celebrated by your midwife. I believe in trust and true connection between a birthing family and their provider, and deeply trust in the processes of the families I work with. It is important to me to hold space for my families to be who they are, truly and authentically, and to provide individualized care to every single family I work with. 


When I’m not with families or at a birth, my world revolves around my family. My wife and I have three amazing daughters.

Coop Reed

Full Spectrum Doula

Coop is a full spectrum doula supporting individuals through pregnancy, abortion, and loss. They believe in the power of sauerkraut, mutual aid, and the power of rest. They will gladly talk to you about herbs, dystopic fiction, German-Slavic medicinal practices, and dogs. You can find them in the East Side of Saint Paul with their spouse, Brady and their two dogs, Bucket and Otis.

Ellyn Wyman-Grothem (She/Her)

Birth Doula ▪ Childbirth Educator

I believe in calm, supportive guidance and letting my clients lead the way. I am here to help YOU. Each person has individual needs and I honor that in everything I do. There are no right or wrong choices-- only the best choice possible for you and your family. I am committed to racial and economic justice. I believe doula work can be a part of those commitments.

I live in St. Paul, MN, with my wife and our very old cat. We are working on our own journey toward parenthood.

Janine Stiles (She/Her)


Janine Stiles is a Traditional Midwife with the Certified Professional Midwife credential.  Her practice, Mandala Midwifery Care, strives to provide loving and individualized care and education that honors all family types. Janine believes that the childbearing year is a time of tremendous growth and transformation and is honored to walk along side those experiencing it. In addition to prenatal, postpartum and home birth care, Janine provides well care, fertility consultation, and insemination services to women, transmen and those whose gender identity is fluid.

Janine lives with her wife and teenage son in St. Paul, MN.

Shea Roberts Gylllen (They/Them)


Shea is a birth and sibling doula with a background in teaching and performance. Shea believes in birth that is driven by you and the child you are bringing in to this world. They have every confidence that you know what is best for you and your baby. Shea brings comfort and positive energy to the births they attend. They have studied with Childbirth International, Cornerstone Doula Trainings, and are currently studying with Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings to become a full spectrum certified doula.


Shea lives on Wahpekute, Anishinabewaki, and Očeti Šakówiŋ land in Columbia Heights with their husband, daughter, and pets.

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