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I took the LGBTQ Positive Birth Doula Training with the Queer Birth Project and really loved it. It was great to connect to others who value making their business accepting and helpful to all, and the topics covered really helped educate me on the specific needs of LGBTQ families as they prepare for the birth of their child. The coaching on the importance of language issue (especially with chest feeding/breastfeeding) and coverage of disparities that often also affect this community were some of my favorite parts. Would highly recommend!

I really appreciated how intentional you both were in how you presented information and why you were doing what you were doing. I felt like I was in a safe place surrounded by people who really were willing to learn, and more than that, led by people who worked in the field and had personal experience with the concepts we spoke about. I also appreciated Cheyenne showing us her website as a kind of “see how easy it is” example. Being a queer student at a liberal college, I was very familiar with “queerness” in general (i.e. terminology PGPs, etc.), so the second half of the presentation resonated with me more. I liked how applied it was.


I really enjoyed the practical, specific information that I will be able to directly apply to my work as a birth educator. I would have liked even more examples of situations I might encounter and how best to handle them. Overall the training was interesting helpful, and important. I appreciated the friendly and safe atmosphere.

I took this training a few months ago and I highly recommend it. I learned invaluable information on working with LGBTQ families as they journey through pregnancy, childbirth and new parenthood. I loved the interactive parts of the training and specific information on the needs and challenges that expecting LGBTQ families face, as well as great information on sensitivity and solutions. Many of my Hypnobabies Instructors have taken this training and I really think that it is perfect… and necessary for all birth professionals!

– Kerry Tuschoff, Director of Hypnobabies


This training was excellent. Cheyenne and Janine do a great job presenting the information, while creating a safe space to learn and ask questions. A must for any birth professional who values inclusiveness and wants to support all families in a more comprehensive way.

The Queer Birth Project’s webinar for childbirth professionals wanting to establish a more inclusive practice helps to walk through the importance of creating safe spaces, inclusive language, and the need for empathetic practice. I highly recommend their trainings!

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